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Mooicab (Taxi Services – Taxi Booking apps)

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Case Study Information

  • Project name :Creative template design
  • Category :Graphics design / Web design
  • Client :Bara Kobama
  • Complete date :01 April, 2018
  • Skills :Photoshop / Illustrator

Mooicab (Taxi Services – Taxi Booking apps)

The Challenge

Mooicabs started out in the on-demand cab business with their heads held high. They knew the business and were known to the local network in their area. Even after alterations from the previous company, they were not able to take out the bugs out of their app. It did not take much time for DMABS team to get to the pain point and identify the problems. Each time someone runs the app on a device the software failed to perform more than 5 events at a time. There were serious lags in their interface. Ride details was a key area where the work was needed the most. Design elements were out of place and were not optimized to be responsive. As a result, Mooicabs were losing out on business and their profits declined. So, their budgets were reduced when they came to us. We had to resolve this. The brief was clear and the team was ready.


Booking a car on rent should be as easy as ordering a pizza. Just select the one you want and BOOM! The delivery guy arrives with your order at your doorstep. No-fuss. No lags. This was what we aimed for. Our solution was an android application that uses GPS location to find the nearest cab available. We re-coded the website and made sure that the booking process is User-centric. Other features like Location Saving Feature, Estimated Time of Arrival, Booking Flexibility, Cab Confirmation, Transparent Booking Process, ride details, and Ride Feedback was introduced keeping in mind the industry best practices.


As this application has three entities namely, Admin, User, and Driver, it is easier to maintain the backend data and much easier to run the application. The client is still sending in emails and gifts. Their profits have jumped and they are now showering our team with their wishes. Mooicabs employs driving staff in large numbers. So, when the profits declined they got worried about their staff. However, DMABS feels proud to have successfully helped Mooicabs to get back on track.