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Retail and E-Commerce Industry

Boost your Profits with Our IT Support

Our business enabled IT solutions that will accelerate the growth of your business

  • Original E-Commerce Websites
  • Catering to High and Mid-scale businesses
  • Budget-Friendly IT Solutions
  • Efficient Softwares and Framework
Our Services

Essential IT Services for Retail & E-Commerce

We understand that virtual shopping platforms and business-related transactions are of high importance to you. Hence, our team will enable robust IT solutions for businesses so the online platforms can handle website traffic and take care of the security of online payments and pretty much everything and anything that takes away the burden off your shoulders. We ensure secure and effective operations of your business in the digital space.

Big Data E-Commerce Solution

Use our Big Data Solutions to escalate profits by understanding customer behavior

  • Mood analysis for UX alterations
  • Sales measurement for forecast
  • Customer purchase patterns

AI-Enabled E-Commerce

Make most of the AI technology and put your business growth in super speed

  • Virtual stores operations
  • Interactive solutions
  • Supply Chain Management


Go mobile and increase engagement through a Mobile-only E-commerce model

  • Facilitate Location-based customer targeting
  • Ensure Real-time product tracking
  • Premium quality portals

Materializing Upward Moving Growth

Retail Kiosk App
We will develop an app for you that will assist customers from coming to the retail store. This would provide information like the availability of products, price range, payment details.
VR Shop Tour
This one not only gives you an extra edge in terms of you being a brand that has adapted to the new way of selling and displaying but also allows you to constantly innovate to stay ahead in business.
E-Commerce Chat bots
An effective and super functional application can be developed by our team of experts to help your customers resolve their queries about a certain product or even to find the product they are looking for.
Store Locator App
Make sure that people navigate to your store without any fuss. A store locator app will also give you insights about your customer's most preferred retail outlets.
Payment Portals
Get advanced security protected payment portals made by our team of experts and ensure smooth transactions. Whether flight booking, billy payment, or money transfer, we can make everything perfect.
Online Storefront
We build apps that make it easy for users to navigate through the chunks of products. They find their product and you will find your profits, Enhanced product and brand visibility, Extension for customer reach, High end customized store designs.
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Why Choose DMABS?

Our experts have years of experience and would be really the game-changing factor in the seamless execution of projects related to Retail and E-Commerce. We ensure our clients get:

We keep things open to review by you at any stage of the project.
Reduced Cost
By increasing the efficiency of your Retail and E-Commerce team we will ensure that customers can be provided services at a lower cost.
Data Safety
Data is safe with us. We will make sure that the data is protected by enhanced software.
Speedy Resolution
Our after-sales services are top class. Our expert IT team will ensure your software performs well.
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