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Health Care Industries

Our Team will upgrade your healthcare standards

Use of modern technology will give you an edge and help in offering quality healthcare

  • Health Monitoring Apps
  • Use of IT solutions for Surgery plan
  • Medicine Tracking Technology
  • Use of Online Consultation
Our Services

Healthcare Services backed by IT Expertise

Our IT Solutions will help you upgrade your working process and create a technology backed healthcare mechanism for your patients. You can plan surgeries, patients can connect with doctors through online mediums and health monitoring apps can be part of a revolutionary step. Healthcare focussed software development is something that our team is very well equipped to handle.

AR & VR Healthcare Applications

Give your patients an interactive experience with use of our AR and VR apps.

  • Designed specially for Medical Experts
  • High VIsualization Capabilities
  • AR Development for Mobile Apps

AI Healthcare Applications

Artificial Intelligence based applications will go a long way to analyse patient data and plan healthcare routines.

  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Smart health checkups

Secure Health Care Apps

Technology needs data support and we ensure the safety of data regarding diagnosis, patient records and treatment.

  • Supply Chain Management and coherence
  • Patient Indexes Management
  • Securing Health Records

Propagating Advanced Healthcare

Laboratory Management App
Compute, organize, schedule and manage laboratory data for efficient treatment procedures. This will also help the laboratory staff in sorting patient data and creating patient profiles for the medical expert's examination.
Online Pharmacy App
Click and order pharmacy app will enable patients to enjoy smooth delivery of medicines and other medical supplies. In addition, administration of medicines and cross-checking of treatment procedures will also prove beneficial for health.
Medical Consultancy App
Patients can save the pain of travelling to a medical expert for routine health checkups. Online consultation through the app will surely ease the patient's life and add to their well being.
Women Health Monitoring
An app dedicated to monitoring the health of women. A platform that connects them with medical professionals will be a significant step towards making their lives better.
IoT Data Management
Our team can build softwares and apps that will collect and analyse data for patient health. This will encapsulate data from different health monitoring devices and convert that data into proper medically applicable information.
Voice-based Health Checkup App
An interactive health care app that will provide medical diagnosis for patients by listening to their speech. Technology will be readily available to help the patients by hearing their pain, while making the whole experience human-like.
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Why Choose DMABS?

Our experts have years of experience and would be really the game changing factor in seamless execution of projects realted to healthcare. We ensure our clients get:

We keep things open to review by you at any stage of the project.
Reduced Cost
By increasing efficiency of your healthcare team we will ensure that patients can be provided services at a lower cost.
Data Safety
Patient's data is safe with us. We will make sure that the data is protected by enhanced softwares.
Speedy Resolution
Our after sales services are top class. Our expert IT team will ensure your softwares performs well.
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